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The only Augustinian Catholic university in the nation, phongkhamtribenhtri.com values a personalized experience where teachers and students are partners in learning and scholarly inquiry. From undergraduate to doctoral students, phongkhamtribenhtri.comns are intellectually inspired, morally grounded, globally minded. phongkhamtribenhtri.com attracts and forges world changers—people who ignite positive change everywhere life takes them. During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, phongkhamtribenhtri.com"s Augustinian values of Veritas, Unitas, Caritas can be seen in our work towards the comtháng good và our support for one another.

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A wide variety of undergraduate, post-baccalaureate & graduate certificates, as well as non-credit professional programs

phongkhamtribenhtri.com University is a closely connected academic community with renowned faculty, rich resources & a personalized, supportive learning environment.

phongkhamtribenhtri.com provides exceptional opportunities for a wide range of academic experiences, including hands-on retìm kiếm, interdisciplinary collaboration and experiential learning.





Recognized by the B+ Foundation for its Fundraising Efforts, NOVAdance Set lớn Host Eighth Annual Dance Marathon

For nearly a decade, NOVAdance has packed the Jake Nevin Field House on phongkhamtribenhtri.com"s campus for a 12-hour dance marathon—a student-led effort to lớn raise money for pediatric cancer. NOVAdance has raised more than $500,000 in each of the last two years và was recently recognized by the B+ Foundation for its fundraising efforts. This year"s event will be different due to lớn the challenges of COVID-19, but NOVAdance was able to pivot its fundraising and awareness efforts lớn continue its commitment.

Two phongkhamtribenhtri.com University Students Named Goldwater Scholars

phongkhamtribenhtri.com University students Lily Day and Catherine Petretti have been named 2021 Goldwater Scholars by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship & Excellence in Education Foundation. Day and Petretti are juniors in phongkhamtribenhtri.com’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences & were selected from more than 1,200 institution-nominated students nationwide.

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phongkhamtribenhtri.com University Retìm kiếm Team Explores How COVID Masks Impact Speech

A team of psychologists from phongkhamtribenhtri.com University has published retìm kiếm showing how various types of masks affect speech recognition in different levels of background noise. Two professors in phongkhamtribenhtri.com’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences—Joseph Toscano, PhD, director of the Cognitive Science Program, and Cheyenne Toscano, PhD—have found that a speaker wearing a surgical mask over their mouth has virtually the same chance of being understood as a speaker without a mask.

Innovative sầu Courses: phongkhamtribenhtri.com Faculty Design Courses to lớn Connect with Students Through Variety of Delivery Methods

Faculty have spent months working và collaborating with partners across campus to design and adapt courses to lớn engage students through a variety of course delivery methods, including in-person, hybrid, và various online formats. While the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 20đôi mươi necessitated a quiông xã shift lớn online delivery, all academic courses for this academic year have sầu been thoughtfully developed with a specific modality in mind.

Read the 2019-20đôi mươi President’s Report Online

The digital edition of the 2019-2020 President’s Report is now available. This year’s report highlights how the University came together during the pandemic & lived our Augustinian values, while continuing khổng lồ move forward in our academic pursuits.

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phongkhamtribenhtri.com Faculty Share Their Expertise on Breaking News and Events

phongkhamtribenhtri.com University faculty are regularly cited as experts in the national truyền thông media on topics ranging from politics to lớn the COVID-19 pandemic. Clichồng more lớn view these faculty & their expert analysis in the media.

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